Student-Professor joint committee

The School's Joint Board sets out to monitor the training offering and the quality of the teaching and student services, as well as to identify indicators for evaluating results. Moreover, it confers on the establishment and closure of Programmes, and draws up proposals for their improvement.

It is made up of 10 members, of which 5 faculty and 5 student representatives. The Chairmanship and Vice-Chairmanship are held respectively by a professor and a student.

Componenti della commissione paritetica


Prof. Patrick Bamonte-    


Vice Presidente

Sig. Andrea Mandelli -



Prof. Patrick Bamonte -    

Prof. Gabriele Della Vecchia -      

Prof. Giovanni Ravazzani -   

Prof.ssa Donatella Sterpi -   

Prof. Alessandro Volonterio


Rappresentanti degli Studenti

Sig. Andrea Mandelli -

Sig. Matteo Chiavegato-

Sig. Luca Lo Bosco -

Sig. Francesco Maria Bugo -

Sig. Andrea Collini - andrea1.collini@mail.polimi.i

Annual report

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