Admission to the School's B and MS programmes

Admission to the School's Laurea programmes requires passing the engineering test (TOL).

For the conditions of admission to the Laurea Magistrale programmes, students must submit an application.

The requirements for each Laurea Magistrale programme are specified in the individual Educational Rules.

International students can refer to the website Polinternational

Outline of the Master of Science programme in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering (for international students) 

Admission to Master of Science


Ingegneria per l'Ambiente e il Territorio - Milano

Prof. Stefano Cernuschi (studenti di altre Universit√† italiane) 
Prof.ssa Paola Gattinoni (studenti AMB di continuit√†)
Prof.ssa Francesca Malpei (studenti POLIMI non AMB)
Prof.ssa  Sabrina Saponaro (studenti stranieri)

Ingegneria Civile - Milano

Prof. Raffaele Ardito (external foreign students)
Prof. Gabriele Della Vecchia (Geotechnics) 
Prof. Federico Fiori (Transport infrastructure)
Prof. Gianandrea Messa (Water Engineering)   
Prof. Giorgio Novati (Structures)

Geoinformatics Engineering / Ingegneria Geoinformatica - Milano

Prof. Cristian Pilato foreign students
Prof. Giovanna Venuti italian candidates

Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation - Lecco

Prof. Andrea Galli    
Prof. Laura Longoni


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