Degree examinations

The attention of students is drawn to the subjects of plagiarism, or copying (even involuntary) without mentioning the source of parts of books, essays, theses, articles, projects by other authors in the preparation of the degree thesis.
This constitutes the appropriation, through total or partial copy, of the authorship of a work of others.

We therefore invite you to check your documents and always cite the sources from which you draw texts and images.

In this sense, we recall the following passage from the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Politecnico di Milano: "The Politecnico promotes the integrity of research, condemns plagiarism and infringement of intellectual property and provides opportunities for all those who carry out research activities to have a 'adequate training on ethics and integrity in research. "

Exam registration and calendars 

For information on how to register for degree exams and for the degree exam session calendar, click here.

Online submission and approval of Laurea Magistrale / Specialistica/Vecchio Ordinamento (equivalent to Masters of Science) Theses.

Information on deadlines and on how to submit a thesis and have it approved can be found here:

Graduating students are advised to: 

  • check their university email (  for communications regarding the thesis submission/approval procedure
  • keep in touch with their supervisor between submitting the thesis and the deadline for its approval

Graduation photography service

Rules for the final examinations

Responsabili delle Lauree

Environmental and Land Planning Engineering - Milan
Prof. Renato Casagrandi

Civil Engineering - Milan
Prof. Liberato Ferrara 

Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation - Lecco
Prof.ssa Monica Papini (L) 
Prof. Alessio Radice (LM)

Geoinformatics Engineering - Milan
Prof.ssa Giovanna Venuti

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